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Today I stopped at the smoking area talked with some of the other soldiers, and we happened upon the subject of country life. People are surprised to know that I grew up on a farm, ha, I dont know why. Hasn’t everyone tasted a mineral lick? Am I the only one who grabbed the tail of a young cow and let her drag me running across a muddy pasture? I learned to go straight inside a fighting zone and survive by wrestling with geese! Surely there have to be more of us out there!  Even when I talk to other adults who grew up on farms, I have yet to find one who helped their folks butcher rabbits and found that the prize of it was the bladder which looked an awful lot like a water balloon. And then I get in touch with those memories, one flooding in after another. It was a great time to be a kid. As much as I hated milking goats at 5am and 5pm, man, it makes for great stories I tell my kids…over and over…ha, yeah I finally have some of those hard-living stories to bore my kids with and make myself feel superior in comparison to their easy existence..just kidding babies! I am glad I grew up in my time, you have it a lot tougher in ways I didn’t have. I only hope as a parent that I can impart to you some of the simple joys I had growing up. It was really a carefree life, full of such richness!


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